Dear Visual Artist,

How is it that a visual artist can capture the phases of life and place it on an image, portrait, canvas, billboard and make it so powerfully expression-able?  Whether it be street art, or a painting in the gallery, the visual arts are beautiful.  Is it all teachable? Or, do you just have the touch? Whatever it may be, we are in awe of your creativity.

Visual Artists have the ability to create a piece that speaks volumes beyond verbal expression.  These artists are able to catalog our memories, expressions and emotions without words like no other.

Many times, for visual artists, the materials that one must obtain to express this creativity can be quite costly.  Visual artists, like others, sometimes struggle with financing the space or materials needed to express creativity, or finding the appropriate connections to grow within their fields.  We just wanted to let you know that we see you, and we are working to support you.   MooHub is constantly building relationships with various businesses supporting the creative movement; which will allow artists such as yourself to connect with galleries, studios, and other professionals within your field.  This, we are hoping in turn will help you get the resources you need for continued growth.

Words of Grindcouragment (Encouragement infused with motivation to grind)

Your method of expression through the visual arts is therapeutic to the soul, it allows us to visualize life in the eyes of many beholders.  Keep connecting the world with your movement.

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art”. -Leonardo da Vinci-
(Ref: Brainy Quotes)

Keep Grinding Artist!