Specialty Artists in the Creative World

You must be thinking. What exactly is considered a specialty artist? Well let us put it this way. Artists as we know it, are creative individuals that usually think outside of the box, as it relates to the application of creativity. Specialty Artists are artists that think outside of the box, outside of the box…..

Are you still with us?………..

Specialty Artists take any and every type of artistry to a unique level, they think beyond the scope of the term artistry and develop a craft or practice within their field in which they specialize. These artists include professions such as specialty make-up artists, ventriloquists, abstract artists, comic artists, design artists, landscape artists and more. Or, if you simply get the feeling that you don’t fit into a specific type of artistry, this is you.

At MooHub we tend to think outside of the box, outside of the box sometimes as well. I mean, you can probably tell by the idea of this directory alone! The most unique resource that we offer is our rewards program. Creatives that join our Association redeem reward points on stuff like groceries and utility bills.  There’s more to come!

Words of Grindcouragment (Encouragement infused with motivation to grind)

Keep thinking outside of the box, outside of the box, we need extracurricular creative explorers such as yourself. You allow the world to see that there is no extent to the beauty of artistry, and we are truly digging that!

Keep Grinding Artist!