MooHub Plans


MooHub Works Employer - for posting jobs/opportunities

$199 / year

  • Unlimited Job/Opportunity Listings
    At MooHub you membership includes unlimited listings. We want your to hire through us, list as many jobs/opportunities as you like. There's lots to offer in the creative community and we'd like everyone to know it. Hiring for a bookkeeper for your bakery, a chef, a singer, casting a new film or anything you like. If you support creative, post with us! Become a member, get the best candidates, and enjoy the benefits of being a part of the movement.
  • 1 Free Audio-Visual Screening/month
    Screening is an important process of the hiring process. It gets your one step closer to finding the perfect assistant for your gallery, the perfect manager for your musical tour, or the perfect actor for your screenplay. We provide one free audio/visual screening per month, whichever you choose. Visual screening includes a video of the candidate response according to your questions, audio is a transcript of candidate responses by phone.
  • Access to Discounts & Perks
    A variety of discounts and perks are offered to our Business Members, including major discounts on business cards and printing services, travel discounts, and a variety of discounts in business solutions.
  • MooHub Concierge
    Reach out to your exclusive concierge if you need help posting your job, interested in direct booking, need a job description, or if you simply have a new hire inquiry. Great service, for great clients supporting the creative community.
  • Business Options
    Gain access to a variety of options including business ad space, our MooHub Market, and anything that we can offer to help you be the best. We want our business members to be as happy as we are.


Seeker - Sign up to search for Jobs, Events, etc. Post your Resume/C.V.


  • Access to opportunity updates
    The MooHub Search engine is constantly growing with a list of businesses catering to the creative community, restaurants, conferences, expos, and a variety of events. Signing up for a free accounts provides easier access to updates and new opportunities in your field.
  • Post Resume/C.V. for Exposure
    Posting your resume or creative c.v. for exposure enhances your chance of being selected for interview with clients listing positions on our site.
  • MooHub Market (Coming Soon)
    As a seeker account member you have the option to sell your product in our MooHub Market. Pricing for members selling start as low as $5/month.

The Association

For Creative Entrepreneurs

$300 / year

  • Access to Direct Bookings
    Though our Search Engine is Free, association members have better exposure for opportunities, as they are the first candidates our clients view when searching for talent. Clients reach out to MooHub concierge for direct booking for many opportunities. Association members have the option to open their profiles to direct booking, meaning you are open to us contacting you should a client request or have interest in your services.
  • Rewards Program
    The MooHub rewards program allows members to gain points and redeem towards groceries, cash, utility bills, and a variety of other resources. One of the goals of our association is to relieve you of some of your general expenses so that you can re-invest them into your artistry and future savings.
  • Association Exclusives
    The MooHub Resource Engine lists a variety of jobs and opportunities being offered in the creative community, however the exclusives are listed ONLY to our association members.
  • Post Resume/C.V. for Exposure
    Posting your resume or creative c.v. for exposure enhances your chance of being selected for interview with clients listing positions on our site. Our Recruiting staff looks through profiles and resumes listed on the MooHub engine for a variety of direct booking opportunities. Association Members have a few extra added options in their profiles.
  • MooHub Concierge
    MooHub Concierge - is available to help you get the most out of your membership. Each member has direct access to the concierge team to request advice for anything that you may be seeking to promote growth and success in your creative endeavors.
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