Thank you for visiting The Creative Movement Hub (also known as MooHub).

Who Are We?

The Creative Movement Hub (MooHub) is a resource engine and association hybrid for individuals in the creative industry.   We are the ONLY association driven by a jobs & opportunities engine.  Our platform allows us to offer a strong networking community and resource engine dedicated to the creative professional community.  Creative professionals, businesses and supporters of the creative community post jobs, internships, events and a variety of opportunities for individuals looking for work in the creative field.

So what’s this association stuff about? 

The purpose of MooHub’s resource engine is to support creatives in their career growth.  We accomplish this through our association, where we provide benefits and resources to assist with securing creative opportunities, health & financial growth; promoting the overall well-being of creatives within our reservoir, all around the world.

Overall, we are always negotiating new products, services, and networking opportunities for creative professionals and businesses. Whether you’re an emerging painter, ice sculptress, tap dancer, a creator in the “specialty” category, need to hire an artist or performer, or a supporter searching for more opportunities in the creative community, we welcome you to join the movement.  Join our association if you’re a creative, or our business membership if you’re looking to post an opportunity.  If you’re on a budget and just seeking opportunities for now, feel free to join our FREE seeker plan, either way, we appreciate you as a part of our movement.

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