Are you a landlord, complex, or leasing agent that caters residential space to creative professionals?

Join our MooHub Living Network and give your residents access to some amazing benefits.
Free rent raffles
Application fee raffles
Grocery grants
Major discounts on travel and everyday living items and more.

Signing up is very easy, we provide you with the details to distribute to your residents by email or on site so that they know where to sign up for benefits.

How does the MooHub Living Network Benefit You?

– You and your team can take advantage of these benefits as well
– Current research for the program has found that when residents save on everyday living expenses, it creates
room for saving, which leads to earlier and timely rent payments.

– You will become a true supporter of the creative professional community, solidifying yourself as a true supporter in the creative movement.  A.K.A.

You’d be labeled officially cool!

Membership is only $200 a year!  Click here to get started!