Is MooHub a Non-Profit Company?

Good Question!

The Creative Movement Hub is a hybrid profit company, separated by two entities, MooHub (our opportunities platform) and MooHub Union (our non-profit entity). Supporting the MooHub opportunities platform allows us to provide robust benefits to our union members, while continuing to create opportunities and collaborative efforts throughout the creative community.

Is MooHub a Labor Union?

MooHub is NOT  a Labor Union.  We are a collaborative of creative professionals that provides benefits and support to the creative professional community, but we do not protect legal interest; which you’d generally find in a labor union.  Our mission is more geared towards building a collective for faster growth and over-all well being, financially and health wise.

What does a MooHub Rating do?

A MooHub rating is for people to rate and bring exposure to your listings.  The more ratings you get, the more exposure you get.  The more viewers that give you ratings, the better.  Try adding your listing link to your website for increased exposure.

How long does a membership last?

MooHub Union Memberships are yearly memberships.

MooHub Works – Seeker memberships are free accounts that last for infinity! Unless you close it 🙂

MooHub Works – Employer memberships are monthly dynamic members, packed with full of fun!

What are the qualifications to get certified?

For more information about certification please see the certification application once logged into your account. The verification process varies according to the type of business.

Methods of Payment

We accept all major credit cards for payment including mastercard, visa, discover and american express.

What benefits are included in the plans?

Benefits vary according to the plans, though all of our plans have great benefits!  Check out the information button in the plan description for a sneak peak.


Why should I post my resume/creative resume?

Posting you resume/creative resume give you a greater chance in getting an interview.  Employers are constantly looking through our database and reaching out to candidates for auditions, interviews, etc.  In addition, our concierge selects candidates from our database for a majority of opportunities.

Can any business post with MooHubWorks?

Absolutely!  Any business or person can post a position with MooHubWorks; as long as you are posting from a creative company, or for a creative position.

Example 1: If you are a dance studio, needing a receptionist or dance instructor, feel free to post it all here!

Example 2: If you are a tech company, looking for a graphic designer, or interior decorator for your office, feel free to post here!  You will get the best of the best.  Though if you are looking for a tech instructor, you may want to use another site, since our listings are only dedicated to the creative community.

Hope this helps!

What is the certification/art-thenticated program?

As a certified business or creative professional, you are provided with a seal of professionalism and authenticity.  Creatives, and supporters alike look to creative professionals and businesses with this seal for assurance in quality service and experience.  Our certification vetting team works diligently to provide the best of the best in the creative industry and businesses in support of such.